Therapeutic Stories that Teach and Heal

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Table of Contents

I.         Stories that empower & treat the symptoms of trauma and PTSD                                             1

II.        Stories that empower & treat the symptoms of child abuse                                                      89

III.       Stories that develop healthy emotional reactions, thinking, perceptions,
           beliefs, self-image and social skills                                                                                                143

IV.      Stories to aid in disclosure of traumatic experiences and or abuse                                     243

V.       Stories for children who must testify in court proceedings                                                     281

VI.      Stories to reduce and eliminate nightmares                                                                                295

VII.     Stories for children who have not followed a normal developmental path                          311

VIII.    Stories to help with death, loss and illness                                                                                  325

IX.      Stories to help with problems related to parents, siblings, adoption,
           foster care and divorce                                                                                                                     355

X.       Stories for adolescents and adults                                                                                                423

XI.      Stories for school-related problems                                                                                              489

XII.     Modern Day Fairy Tales                                                                                                                    553

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