About Dr Nancy Davis

A Clinical Psychologist and Therapist: specializing in treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Job-Related Trauma (using Multi-Sensory Trauma Processing) suffered by:

  • Law enforcement officers
  • Fire fighters, rescue workers and paramedics
  • Iraq Combat Veterans/Vietnam Veterans
  • Survivors experiencing traumatic grief
  • Rape victims, “Compliant Victims” of sexual sadists
  • Victims of life-threatening violence

An Author: Therapeutic Stories that Teach and Heal; Therapeutic Stories to Heal Abused Children; (Third Edition with revised research, and additional stories and pictures Available soon); Multi-Sensory Trauma Processing: Understanding and Treating PTSD and Job-Related Trauma (Available soon)

An Internationally Known Teacher and Trainer: Post traumatic stress disorder, job-related trauma, treating trauma, child abuse, therapeutic stories, grief, domestic violence, compliant victims of sexual sadists, stalking.

Research Designer & Trainer: Consulted and advised on “Evaluation of a Treatment Modality for Victims of Torture/Trauma in Kenya and the East African Region”; Victims of Torture/Trauma Project, the United States International University

"Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of overcoming it."_Helen Keller

Dr. Nancy Davis is a clinical psychologist who specialized in treating post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), job-related trauma and child abuse. At the present time she closed her office in Virginia and semi-retired to a house on the water near Tampa, Florida. She is continuing to consult, write, give workshops and training and to treat post traumatic stress on occasion.

From April 1998 – December, 2000, Dr. Davis served as Chief of Counseling Services for the Employee Assistance Unit of the FBI where she treated numerous law enforcement officers and their family members, primarily for job-related trauma and grief. In addition to FBI agents, she has worked with traumatized law enforcement officers from a variety of settings, including the FBI’s National Academy, which trains officers from within and outside the United States. Dr. Davis worked with the organization COPS for a number of years; COPS deals with families of officers killed in the line of duty. Dr. Davis has also treated emergency service workers and rescue workers in a variety of settings. She provided treatment for children and rescue workers following the bombing of the Courthouse in Oklahoma City; her audio tape, “Letting Go” was given to hundreds of the rescue workers. In response to the attacks on the Pentagon and World Trade Centers, Dr. Davis developed a CD, “The Rescue Worker”, as a way of helping fire fighters, paramedics and law enforcement officers process the trauma taken in from working at the rescue sites. These CD’s were given to hundreds of rescue workers, free of charge. In addition, she has provided treatment to law enforcement officers, fire fighters, and civilians traumatized by the terrorist acts on September 11, 2001. She created a website, http://www.rescue-workers.com/, to assist those professionals traumatized by their service following the 9-11 attacks.

Dr. Davis received her Ph.D. in 1972, served as a school psychologist from 1976 – 1985, after this, Dr. Davis established a private practice where she treated children, adolescents and adults who had been traumatized by child abuse, rape, homicide of a loved one, domestic violence and job-related trauma. She has testified as an expert witness in PTSD and child abuse in over 130 legal proceedings. She provided training in PTSD at The Maryland Fire Chief Officers Seminar and The World Congress on Stress, Trauma and Coping in the Emergency Services. She has received training in Critical Incident Stress Debriefing.

In providing services to hundreds of traumatized children, adolescents and adults in her private practice beginning in 1985 and through treating hundreds of FBI agents, law enforcement officers, support employees and their families, as Chief of Counseling Services for the FBI, Dr. Davis developed a treatment method for reducing or eliminating the symptoms that can arise following traumatic incidents, particularly those related to job-related trauma. She has called her technique, Multi-Sensory Trauma Processing (MTP). Multi-Sensory Trauma Processing: Understanding & Treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Job-Related Trauma will be available soon. Research comparing MTP with established therapeutic techniques with torture victims has been completed. The lack of mental health professionals and money to provide traditional therapy in undeveloped countries motivated this research which was funded by a government. (See abstract in Articles).

Dr. Davis is also the author of two other books: Therapeutic Stories that Teach and Heal and Therapeutic Stories to Heal Abused Children, which will soon be available with updated research and additional stories and pictures. Dr. Davis has 2 sons who are currently law enforcement officers; her husband was an FBI agent followed by serving the FBI as Chief Counsel; Assistant Director prior to his retirement.

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